Anti-Bacterial Treatment
- air conditioning systems produce a lot of internal moisture and as such can be subject to harmful, odour causing bacteria including moulds, mildews and algae. Our premium anti-bacterial treatment travels through the indoor unit, drip trays and ductwork to freshen the entire system by chemically neutralising and destroying odours. It also protects the components and surfaces of your indoor system against the growth of these harmful bacteria. Usually $45.

Rust Prevention Treatment
- from our experience rust is a major factor in the failure of many air conditioning systems. Preventing rust damage is important because rusty outdoor units cannot be replaced alone; you will also incur the additional cost of replacing the indoor unit at the same time. Our rust prevention treatment is suitable for both old and new condensing units and will help to extend the life of your air conditioning system, helping to prevent rust from forming on new machines and guarding against further rust damage in older units. Usually $30.

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