Why are they called “Reverse Cycle”?
In the cooling mode, reverse cycle air conditioners (RCAC) move heat from inside a room to the outdoors. In the heating cycle this process is reversed.

Why are they so efficient?
The reason why reverse cycle air conditioners are so efficient is that, unlike ordinary electric heaters, which convert electricity into heat, reverse cycle air conditioners do not create heat in winter, instead they extract the existing heat in the air outside your home and exchange it for the cold air inside, while in Summer they do the reverse. While every other form of heating uses at least as much energy as it produce as heat, reverse cycle air conditioning units produce 2.5 to 3 times more energy thanthey use. So not only does a RCAC unit help you save money on your energy bill, you are also helping the environment by using less energy as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Heating Appliance Appliance Efficiency (Typical)
Reverse Cycle 270%
Under Floor Heating (Electricity) 100%
Kerosene 90%
Natural Gas - unflued 90%
Natural Gas - flued 77%
Wood -airtight slow combustion stove 65%
Wood - open fire 10%


Reproduced from the Department of Primary Industries and Energy’s NetEnergy


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