As noise rage joins the ranks of road rage and all the other rages, we are frequently being asked for the quietest air conditioning system. Generally most air conditioners on the market have reduced the noise levels emitted. If you have studied the brochures in an effort to find out the quietest brand, you will have noticed two terminologies, Sound Power and Sound Pressure.

Sound Power can be defined as the amount of sound energy per unit of time produced by an air conditioner through mechanical vibration.

Sound Pressure is a measurement, which occurs as a result of sound energy leaving an air conditioner. As a result it causes sound waves in the surrounding area, which are emitted in all directions and are reflected by objects in their path. So fences and plants surrounding the air conditioner can absorb or reflect these sound waves.

The manufacturers include readings in their brochures but beware that the figures are taken in workshop conditions and to differing country standards. There are Japanese standards, European standards and Australian standards to name a few. So how do you really know what’s the quietest? It’s easy. Come to a showroom like ours where there are over 15 systems operational for your benefit. We even have a sound meter on hand to test the units. The commitment to displaying this many systems is expensive, but it shows our commitment to getting you the best system for your application.

Included here is a table, which may help you with the noise levels. Keep in mind that generally people become irritated once noise exceeds 65 dB(A).

Sound Pressure 
 Perceived Loudness  Sound
 0  Treshold of hearing  -
20  Extremely soft Rustling leaves, quiet room
40  Very soft Rerigerated humming
60  Moderately loud Normal restaurant conversation
80  Very loud City traffic, lorry
100  Extremely loud Orchestra, farm tractor
120  Threshold of Feeling Jet taking off


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