•What is the best brand?

Everybody has a different opinion. The manufacturers that you see on our web site are companies with a proven track record over a long period of time in the industry and you can visit their sites through our links menu.

• Who installs the air conditioner?

Only fully licensed and qualified tradespeople. Our qualified trades people and our 5-year guarantee is your assurance of professional service and installation. Waratah Air Conditioning also uses Plain English contracts as your guarantee of exactly what you are receiving.

• If I buy through Waratah and Ihave a problem – Who do I call?

The benefit of buying through an air conditioning specialist goes beyond sales and installation. Waratah services what it sells. Waratah is committed to customer service that includes the support of our existing customers.

• How long does it take to install?

A room air conditioner usually takes 2-3 hours to install and a split system 3-4 hours. A domestic ducted system can usually be installed in one day. Our installers leave your house the way they found it.

• How Do I know Which Company ToTrust?

One of the most important things to look for is that the dealer is part of the Air Conditioning Dealers Association and that they use qualified trades people. Waratah is a great believer in employing qualified trades people who are specialists in their given field.

• Remember…$$$$$$$$$$

Buying an air conditioning system is not like buying a television. If it is too small it won’t cool your dwelling properly. If it is too large you will be wasting your money. No one likes to have something that doesn’t work properly, so be sure to use someone who specialises in air conditioning. Remember - you only get one chance so don't get caught buying on price alone.

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