Ducted systems are the ultimate in home comfort for the whole family. Ducted systems alsohave two parts and interconnecting piping and electrical. They come in many sizes to suit mostinstallations. The indoor unit (fan coil) is placed within the roof cavity or under the floor, and thisis piped to the outdoor unit (condensing unit). Ductwork carries the air from the indoor unit tooutlets in each room.

Ducted air conditioning can be single storey or multi level dwellings, however modifications canbe made to accommodate the duct in multi level area. Ducted systems have what is known as zoning which means that at any given time you can have specific outlets working or switched off to save on running costs. Waratah specialise in the sale and installation of ducted systems.

Most larger ducted systems require 3-phase power, however some brands have up to a 16kwcapacity on single-phase power.

There are various types of grills (outlets) used in ducted systems, ranging from floor to wall andceiling grills used for different applications.

The prices of ducted systems vary from house to house starting from $5000 upwards. For a noobligation free quote or any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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